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I don’t understand why I need a public adjuster

filing an insurance claimYour property insurance policy is a contract between yourself and the insurance provider. Policies impose very specific obligations on the policyholder and also on your insurance company. The most important being the fact that, in order to get the insurance company to pay a penny, it will be necessary to prove your insurance claim is valid.

If you try to prove your claim yourself, you should just accept that you are going to need to switch professions and become a public adjuster. You will need to become an expert in the price of everything from shingles to a new PS4, and you will need to improve your organizational skills and become a practiced negotiator in no time at all.

In many cases, the claim process will become your job for the foreseeable future, possible a period of months. The only way around it is hiring a knowledgeable public adjuster like Altieri Transco American Claims to document and prove your claim is valid. Having our team on your side helps level the field and helps ensure you are being treated fairly.

The adjuster provided by my insurance company seems to know a lot about the claims process. I’m not sure why you think I wouldn’t be totally taken care of.

An adjuster from the insurance company will not deliberately attempt to mislead you. However, the adjuster will be running with the assumption you already know how to do all that is required to convince his employer they should pay you for your losses. An insurance adjuster is limited to what they are allowed to do by management. They do not have the same interest as you, they are therefore are unable to be as thorough in claim preparation and presentation.

This is why you want to talk to a member of the Altieri Transco American Claims staff. As public adjusters, we are prepared to assist you in the intricacies of detailing, presenting and negotiating your insurance claim with the assigned adjuster. We will help make sure you are properly compensated because you deserve the full amount your coverage entitles you to.

April 13, 2015

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