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Raymond A. Altieri, Jr., CPPA

Raymond A. Altieri, Jr, CPPA, is President of Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation.

As a property insurance claims professional since 1980, Mr. Altieri leads the firm at Altieri Transco in all matters of property claim adjusting and community outreach. His decades of property claim adjusting experience assure the firm’s clients they are well represented, whether they have suffered a multi-million-dollar commercial loss or have lost their home.

In his fourth decade of experience, Mr. Altieri is exclusively accredited by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters as a Certified Professional Public Adjuster (CPPA).

In 2011, Mr. Altieri rose to the heights of his public adjusting profession when he was named President of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. In becoming President of NAPIA, Mr. Altieri advanced the cause of his profession across the United States. In performing his duties, he has met with Insurance Commissioners, General Counsels, Senators, and Representatives. Mr. Altieri also plays a major role for public adjusters across the State of Florida as it relates to legislative and regulatory matters in the State Capitol of Tallahassee.

In 1993, when public adjusting in Florida was targeted for major legislative reform with the potential to eliminate it after Hurricane Andrew, Mr. Altieri was voted Founding President of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters by his peers across the state to lead the public adjusting profession effort in Tallahassee. The results of his activity in that capacity loom large as public adjusting remains available to all policyholders of property insurance today.

In 2012, on behalf of public adjusters, Mr. Altieri was the main witness in the profession’s Florida Supreme Court victory against the imposition of previously passed unconstitutional legislation.

When asked about his work, Mr. Altieri has always said, “I enjoy helping people get their lives back.”

Mr. Altieri has been married to his wife Doreen, since 1980, has four sons, 2 of which are in his family business at Altieri Transco, three granddaughters, and a grandson.

Andrew J. Altieri

Andrew J. Altieri is the Director of Claims at Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation, managing the claim process for the firm’s adjusters.

Andy is a 1981 graduate of Lemoyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. After obtaining his accounting degree and prior to joining Altieri Transco, Andy became a trained, accomplished accountant, who practiced his craft with a multi-billion dollar corporation for more than a decade in New York State.

To share his professional skills in a different way, Andy decided to join the public adjusting firm of Altieri Transco in 1997 to provide his expertise to our commercial client base. Armed with a rare set of skills, Andy has been successfully using his accounting and finance expertise to assist our commercial clients with their Business Interruption, Extra Expense, and other Time Element loss claim analysis, preparation, presentation, and negotiations.

Today and through the years, Andy is frequently hired by attorneys and other professionals to prepare, present, and adjust complex commercial claims involving the various financial documents normally accompanying such losses.

In recognition of his professionalism and dedication to the industry of public adjusting, Andy was elected President of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters in 2005. Prior to his election as President, Andy had served for several years as the organization’s Treasurer. He is also a long standing member of its Board of Directors and has been a long time member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Andy has been married since 1996 and has one son.

Raymond A. Altieri, III

Raymond A. Altieri, III, or Ray the third as he has come to be known, is the Vice President of Business Development for Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation. Ray is charged with the management and oversight of all corporate outreach into the community as it relates to new business. Ray has been with Altieri Transco since 2003 where he has performed a multitude of duties providing a foundation to his growth within the company during those years.

To know Ray, is to know that he is passionate about his profession as a Florida State licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. He believes in what we do for our clients and is an extremely effective advocate for those who are wise enough to take advantage of what he offers. Ray uses the competitive spirit honed as a college baseball player to advocate and win for our clients.

Ray has worked for hundreds of commercial and residential property owners as their personal professional claim advocate. He has become an expert in handling fire, flood, water, and hurricane claims for his clients. Ray has gained the respect of many insurance company adjusters through his presentation of damage and insurance policy coverage analysis skills.

Ray is a member of both State and National Associations of Public Insurance Adjusters, sitting on various committees. He is committed to his profession by submitting to hundreds of hours of Continuing Education over the years to stay current on all matters of property adjusting.

Ray is a highly-regarded-frequently-requested adjuster within the Altieri Transco network of clients.

Ray is married. He and his wife have one daughter and one son.

Francis M. Altieri

Francis M. Altieri is a Florida State licensed Public Insurance Adjuster and General Manager at Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation. Frank has been with Altieri Transco since 2006 and has worked in multiple capacities within the corporate structure of the company. Frank is a 2008 graduate of the University of South Florida, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Frank has developed into a top of the line public adjuster with Altieri Transco. He is a conscientious, seasoned adjuster, handling both commercial and residential property claims. One of Frank’s highlights as a public adjuster is the professional assistance he provided to a 60 year old public adjusting firm in New Jersey with Hurricane Sandy clients in 2012 and 2013. Most, if not all, of those clients sang Frank’s praises at the completion of their claims commenting regularly on his attention to detail, his communication skills, and persistence with the insurance company adjusters.

Frank is a corporate leader within the firm in communicating with clients to assist them with their own personal understanding of their claim, the damage they have suffered, and the coverage their insurance policy provides them.

A true professional, Frank is committed to Continuing Education as he grows in his career.

Frank is a member of both State and National Associations of Public Insurance Adjusters and sits on various committees.

Frank is married and has two daughters.

Craig J. Kobel

Craig J. Kobel is a Florida licensed public insurance adjuster and joins Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation as its Director of Business Operations after nearly a decade working as an independent claims professional for multiple insurance companies and another year as a licensed public adjuster.

Since his transition from an insurance company associate to a policyholder advocate, Craig has used his firsthand knowledge of the insurance company’s claim strategies to navigate policyholder’s through the complexity of property damage claims to maximize their claim settlements.

An early triumph and demonstration of Craig’s unique talents were illustrated during his first residential fire claim, representing a family of 4, he took an initial insurance company offer of approximately $89,000.00 to nearly $1,000,000.00 through persistence, expertise, strategy, and a desire to ensure his clients were properly indemnified. Craig has successfully handled hundreds of residential and commercial claims; caused by fire, lightning, explosion, flood, water, wind, hail, and hurricane.

Craig has a strong desire to succeed and provides valuable leadership to our staff, clients, and those who are fortunate enough to interact with this talented young man. He is a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Craig is a graduate of the University of South Florida where he also lettered as a member of the football program. Following his collegiate playing career, Craig spent time in the National Football League as a linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Craig is married with a daughter, Emery (age 3), and two sons, Brayden (age 8), Ethan (age 1).

Jason D. Pruitt

Jason is a Florida state licensed public adjuster and has joined Altieri Transco to bring our services to the policyholders of North Florida.

Prior to joining Altieri Transco, Jason worked in fire service for over 11 years, starting as an EMT/Firefighter, working his way up to Rescue Lieutenant. With this training, Jason demonstrated care and compassion, while assisting people in the worst moments of their life. This experience provides Jason with a unique perspective for the effects of catastrophe and disaster.

Jason then moved to work as an Independent Adjuster, where he handled over 1,500 property claims for 20 of Florida’s insurance companies. In doing so, Jason gained exclusive knowledge and experience relating to the claims handling procedures, policies, and strategies used by Florida’s insurers to handle property claims. This experience, makes Jason once again, uniquely qualified to now assist Florida’s policyholders through his association with Altieri Transco.

Jason uses his experiences gained in the fire service and his knowledge from working with the insurance companies, to guide our clients through the property claim process and ensure they are receiving the maximum settlement for their claims.

Jason is married to his best friend Heather. They have four children, 3 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs. Jason enjoys playing baseball in the NABA and spends his spare time making memories with his family.

Matthew E. Higgins

Matthew E. Higgins is a Florida State Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster and has been with Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation in that capacity since 2011. Matt is also an accomplished building damage estimator recognized by insurance industry computer software estimating giant, for that expertise.

Matt’s calm, professional demeanor, even in the most trying of circumstances, provides our clients with confidence that his thoughtful guidance and leadership in bringing their claim to a successful conclusion will overcome any potential impediment that can arise during the course of an adjustment.

Matt is a bright and articulate adjuster who provides in depth views of insurance policy language analysis and can put those thoughts into writing easier than most. This valuable trait translates into clients who are able to receive satisfactory settlements from their insurers. Matt’s initial foray into property claim damage evaluation began in 2006 working for a New Orleans law firm assisting their attorneys by creating building damage estimates of client owned properties after Hurricane Katrina. In 2008, Matt was licensed in Mississippi as an Independent Insurance Adjuster handling property claims for various carriers.

Matt received his Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn University in December of 2000.

Joseph C. Lisi

Joseph C. Lisi is a Florida State Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster with Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation. Joe joined the firm of Altieri Transco in 2005 as an administrator assisting firm adjusters during the service of Hurricane Wilma clients.

Several months into his administrative capacity at Altieri Transco, Joe displayed a desire and initiative to become a Florida licensed public adjuster, exhibiting a passion to help policyholders with their insurance claims who suffered losses to their properties. Joe studied and worked hard to develop the knowledge and understanding necessary to pass a rigid public adjuster examination in mid-2006. Since becoming a licensed public adjuster, Joe uses that same passion and desire to benefit our clients when representing them on their damage claim to the insurance companies.

Joe demonstrates daily his versatility in the ability to communicate with newly stricken property owners while assisting them in the complex duties of preparing, filing, and adjusting their insurance claims with insurance company experts sent by the carriers. Joe is a veteran of two major hurricane events where he successfully participated in the service of clients who suffered damage to their homes or businesses since joining Altieri Transco.

Joe has been a member of the Florida and National Associations of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Joe has been married for three years. He and his wife do not have any children yet, but do enjoy their pets.

Dale R. McCrory

Dale R. McCrory is a Florida State Licensed Public Adjuster with Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation. Dale joined Altieri Transco in 1998 after a long partnership with another Tampa public adjuster firm.

Dale brought then, and continues to bring today, a diverse level of experience shared by no others at Altieri Transco. Dale’s long time experience as a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster allows our younger adjusters to benefit from his vast experience in all areas of public adjusting.

In addition to the adjusting experience, Dale also brings to the firm a network of relationships that he has been very adept at building dating back to 1978 as a University of South Florida Marketing degree graduate, through his many years as Finance, Business, and Sales Manager for Mercedes Benz, Tampa under the ownership of Frank Morsani.

Dale’s legacy as a public adjuster will most certainly be recognized as one of the leading experts in sinkhole recovery for his work on behalf of many large multi-building commercial property owners. Dale has collected hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements for our clients just in this area of property insurance claims.

Dale has also been an integral part of the preservation of public adjusting in Florida since 1993, as a founding Charter Member of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. In recognition of his dedication to the public adjusting industry, Dale was elected and served as President of FAPIA from 1996-1997.

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