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The Value Of Professional Representation


Obtaining professional assistance will be the most important and effective decision you make after having a fire or other property damage occur. Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation provides you the professional adjusting personnel to match experience and expertise with the insurance company. We are trained and educated adjusters whose specialty is to perform for you, the owner.

Professional representation has intrinsic value in the legal, accounting, and medical fields. This is true for adjusting as well. The fact is professionals working for you, will yield better results.

From a financial perspective, the property destroyed is your asset—your investment. Altieri Transco supplies professionals with specialized expertise to protect that investment. Altieri Transco brings expertise and credibility to your side of the claim. It is our detailed work that results in your success.

From a personal perspective, this is your home or business. The personal attention you will receive from Altieri Transco adjusters goes far beyond what an insurer’s adjuster can provide to you during your time of extreme need. Our process of representation is intimate. It is close.
It is available. It is daily interaction filled with communication. Your full understanding of the claim results in your success.

From an emotional perspective, in business since the 1980’s representing policyholders proves our process works for families and business owners. We have helped thousands of satisfied clients recover. We have represented owners of skyscrapers to owners of single family homes and just about everything in between. There is a peace of mind enjoyed by our clients when we are involved with the claim.

Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation.
Our years in business, Our versatility of service, Our dedication to clients– results in your success.

Why go it alone and gamble —- Altieri Transco is the right Professional choice for your success.

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