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Activating Our Relationship

Insurance companies require that we obtain a signed document from you indicating that we have been retained to assist you on your claim. This document includes our business arrangements with you, as well as allows us to work with your insurance company during the claim adjustment period.

Our compensation typically is a small percentage directly related to the claim payments made by your insurer. We can work on an hourly basis plus expenses, but the major majority of our clients prefer us to be in a commission percentage arrangement because this method assures them that we do not get paid until they get paid and that our incentive to do well is more in line with the client incentive. The significant impact we make to the bottom line far outweighs the small percentage involved. It is said regularly that our process pays for itself.

With Altieri Transco, the client actually gets to experience the quality of our workmanship and see the results of our representation before any such compensation is considered.

Altieri Transco professionals provide quality representation; achieve more complete claim payments, while relieving the overwhelming time and knowledge demands required to be fully compensated for your loss.

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