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Welcome to Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation

Public Insurance Adjusters & Professional Loss Consultants

Legendary football coach Lou Holtz speaks of tremendous value he found hiring Altieri Transco to help with his claim.

Is your insurance company forcing you into a Managed Repair, instead of allowing you to work with a contractor of your choice?

Altieri Transco professionals have been working claims for Florida property owners since 1988. Corporately based in Tampa, for the better part of the last three decades, our Florida State licensed adjusters have been a trusted partner of residential and commercial property insurance policyholders as their public insurance adjuster and loss consultant.

Thousands of business owners and homeowners have made the wise decision to seek professional help from Altieri Transco with their property claim immediately after incurring disaster during these past decades of service.  As you make the same decision, you can be sure your personalized adjuster from Altieri Transco will bring an atmosphere of calm to the chaos a calamity will impose and a sense of confidence that you will persevere and do so successfully.

Using their own personalized adjuster at Altieri Transco has allowed property owners to gain an equal footing in the claims process, assuring them all of successful claim settlements. Our vast Client Reference Directories are a testimony to the highest level of achievement made on behalf of our clients.

What will be the outcome of your claim?
After going through the traumatic events of a fire, flood, hurricane, or tornado, are you willing to go through the claim alone, where the claim’s process can be just as devastating? Or…Is it best to get your life back using professionals who make sure full payment is made by your insurer in proper time?

Turn toward the experts who interact with all of the property insurance companies daily. Altieri Transco adjusters have been in business a very long time. We encourage you to take advantage of our achieved influence, credibility, and record of success for people who have been through your same situation.

Past clients chose to be proactive with their claim, will you?

Contact our office today for a free consultation to see how we can help you through this difficult time.

client testimonials

  • New Testimonial Altieri Transco American Claims

    - Chris and Lynsey Doughty

  • I would say that within the first 3 days we made the most crucial decisions about the plan moving forward with the most impactful being hiring your family. I say “family” because you are truly a family business and also the fact that you have become part of our family.
    Before our fire I had no idea Public Adjustors even existed or what they did and now my husband and I are educating everyone we run into on how critical you are to ensuring you receive all of the benefits you pay for out of your homeowners policy.

    - Beth & Mike Andrejak, Wesley Chapel

  • Because of your advice and constant guidance, we were finally able to resolve our entire claim without the need for litigation, even though our insurance company was playing "hardball" with us. Your professionalism and people skills won the day. Even after paying your fee for the services you rendered, we came out well ahead of where we would have ended up without you. I state that without any reservation.

    - Peter J. Brudny, P.A. Attorney at Law, Tampa

  • Their professionalism and knowledge helped to guide us through the messy insurance process so that we could concentrate on getting back to work. They dealt directly with our insurance company to get us a fair settlement. Without their company's assistance there is no way we would have had the knowledge or ability to work directly with the insurance company and determine what should have been ultimately coveredunder our policy.

    - Capital Steel Inc, Homassassa

  • We asked Mr. Altieri 's opinion regarding if what we had been offered was fair and reasonable. Mr. Altieri assured us it was not, and if we wanted him to take over our claim he would be happy to do so.

    The outcome for us was amazing, the Insurance Company agreed to almost $100,000 more than we had previously been offered by their recommended adjuster, this translated to the maximum we could claim.

    The employees of Altieri Transco are true professionals in every sense of the word, they were a pleasure to work with. We would like to re-iterate, if you require the services of an adjuster, for any type of claim, try this company first, bring them in before you speak to your insurance company and they will take care of everything, you will never even have to speak to your insurers, we know you will not be disappointed.

    - Jacana Investments, Tampa

  • I want to personally thank you for the outstanding professional way that you have handled our situation. I especially thank you for the way that you communicated with us each step of the way and for answering questions and concerns promptly. Again thank you and feel free to use us as a future reference.

    - JBeck Properties Lakeland

  • Dear Altieri Transco American Claims,
    I would like to say "THANK YOU" as loud as I possibly can but first I'd like to point out a few things. I have owned many properties over the last twenty years and as a result of this I have had insurance claims to deal with. I have been pushed around, lied to, avoided, hung up on, talked to like I'm a child and beaten up on almost every dealing I have had with insurance companies. I have even resorted to hiring legal council and forced to pay up to twenty five percent of my claim just to get and utilize the insurance coverage I had paid for, for many years.
    Now, back to the well deserved gratitude. I am thankful that Ray Altieri noticed that one of my properties was involved in a fire. Ray took the time to find my name and

    - James Luce, New Port Richey

  • We are extremely glad we sought your services as this helped to eliminate a lot of aggravation and kept our stress down to a lower manageable level. We have told many of our friends if you have a big disaster be sure to check our public adjuster as we would not have had a settlement this quickly nor as fair. Your services were definitely worth the fee.

    - Lori & Joe Graves, Beverly Hills

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