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Water Damage Claims

Water damage claims come from many areas of concern.

They may come from above: rain. They may come from below: ground, sewer, drains. They may come from within: plumbing break. Not all may be covered by your insurance policy.

One thing is for sure, the insurance company will want to determine the cause and the origin of where that water came from because that cause and that origin matter to the insurance company if they are going to pay you on this claim.

Words matter. And nowhere in the claims process do words matter more than in this type of claim. How you describe your circumstance, no matter how innocent it may be, could mean the difference between collecting thousands of dollars or having your claim denied by your insurer.

Considering the above, it is vital to engage the services of a professional adjuster immediately, one who advocates for you, when this type of circumstance effects your property.

The professional adjusters at Altieri Transco will analyze your circumstance and your insurance policy to determine if your claim is a covered event under your insurance policy. They will then coordinate with your insurance company to provide you with the best outcome possible.

Do not let mistaken terminology sink your claim, if it truly is a covered event.

Contact the claim professionals at Altieri Transco for a free consultation today.

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