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When do I need to hire a public adjuster?

Tampa Public AdjusterIn the wake of Hurricane Florence, it is more important to be educated about the role of the public adjuster. Moreover, you should know when is the right time to hire one. A public adjuster is an expert state licensed advocate that works for the property owner not the insurance company. This professional manages the claim, makes sure that the filing requirements are met, quantifies the damage telling the insurance company what they need to pay, and negotiates on behalf of the policyholder to ensure a fair settlement.

So, when should a policyholder hire a public adjuster?

Your public adjuster should be your first call. When you need to file a property claim, especially for a high amount or severe damage, you should have an adjuster that works for you and sees your damage through the eyes of the policyholder. In fact, many public adjustment firms offer a free, initial visit to the property to help you determine the severity of the damage and the next steps in filing a claim.
There are policyholders that choose to handle the claim themselves, and while some are successful, many get overwhelmed by the details and logistics.

Furthermore, many policyholders lead full and busy lives, they are not prepared for the amount of time and energy that filing a property loss claim requires. Some policyholders find the insurance documents confusing, a factor that adds stress and frustration to the ordeal. The solution is to educate the policyholder on how every action inside the claims process impacts them, so they are making educated claim decisions. This prevents costly mistakes that could lead to the policyholder not getting the proper settlement amount.

A public adjuster can offer a valuable second opinion with an expert eye trained not to miss details and an understanding of insurance policy language. This is useful even to those policyholders are that confident in the accuracy of their claim. From experience, most public adjustment firms have found that policyholders estimate property loss far below the industry standards. The advantage of getting a public adjuster involved in your claim is having the experience of a trained professional who uses the same estimating software as insurance carriers work for you.

In some instances, the policyholder feels that the company insurance adjuster is not communicating well with them. An impartial third party like the public adjuster is less emotionally involved in the claim. Insurance companies and adjusters are in the business of minimizing their expenses, having an advocate that will put the policyholder’s interests first and file an accurate and timely claim makes a big difference in the outcome.

Property loss can be stressful for you, filing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be. When you feel confused and frustrated by the details of your claim or if you are unsure that you have filed the proper amount for your damages- consulting a trained professional is the best idea. A public adjuster serves an expert advocate for you making sure that you get the most appropriate settlement out of the insurance claims. Whether a claim that is costly or high in damages, a public adjuster knows the language of insurance policy and how to navigate the process for you.

September 26, 2018

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