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Wind and its Effects

Wind damage can be devastating to a property. In addition, high winds often come in tandem with heavy rain, causing water damage to your property’s interior as well. As rain pours down from the clouds during the storm, severity of damage will dictate your next needs.

If your roof is gone and you are looking up at the sky from within the structure, it most likely will not be cost effective to spend money to erect a new structure where your roof once was. Should a tarp slow the intrusion of rain into a property’s interior, therefore preventing further damage, than it would most likely be cost effective to employ such a remedy.

What will be vital is that you employ the services of a trained professional, not just to understand the extent of your damage, but to understand how your insurance policy will be used to help you recover financially from the disaster.

The professional adjusters at Altieri Transco have worked many storm damage claims over their decades of service to Floridians. Dedicating our professional lives to working claims for Florida property owners for almost 30 years has provided our adjusters with the expertise to assist you through these terrible times by achieving successful claim settlements for our clients.

Wind damage and its related affects require timely actions on a property owners part.

Contact Altieri Transco today for a free consultation to provide you the direction needed to prevent further damage while collecting maximum dollars needed at the same time.

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