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Public adjusters calm troubled waters

flooded houseIf you are like nearly everyone in your circle of friends, chances are good you have not memorized every detail in your home insurance policy. The problem is the details are important in case your home suffers significant damage in a hurricane, fire or another natural disaster.

Even if you have spent time reviewing your policy front to back, you will find it full of legal language that is often difficult for an average person to decipher. In the case of property damage, unless it is a car that has been damaged, you can acquire the help of a public adjuster to make sense of your insurance policy. An experienced adjuster from Altieri Transco American Claims will help you sort through it all to get a reasonable settlement for damages from your insurance company. A knowledgeable public adjuster can work with both individuals and companies, but many adjusters deal one-on-one with an insurance policyholder.

What will a public adjuster do for me?

A public adjuster from Altieri Transco American Claims will minimize the hassle you would typically experience collecting all evidence and documents regarding your claim. An adjuster will also handle the rather unenviable task of negotiating with the adjuster representing the insurance company in your property damage claim. It will also be his or her responsibility to file all forms with your provider, schedule inspections and go back to the table when and if your claim is not paid in full.

A public adjuster also helps you communicate expediently with your home insurance provider in order to keep the settlement of your claim on schedule.

Representatives from Altieri Transco American Claims are here to make sure you do not find out what happens when you do not work with a public adjuster.

The best time to retain the services of a public adjuster is at the beginning of a property claim. A proper amount of time will provide your adjuster the best chance to expedite payment on your claim. Going without a public adjuster will just likely result in headaches and possible nightmares.

March 31, 2015

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