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Filing an insurance claim

insurance claim pipeYour house is more than a roof and four walls; it is an important part of your family! Your home is filled with family heirlooms, keepsakes and precious memories. It is important to get everything back to the status quo and move on with your life if there has been a fire or flood. Here are simple things you can do before you move ahead with filing an insurance claim, please keep in mind that Altieri Transco American Claims is also available to help you navigate the complicated claims process.

Contact your insurance company to file a claim as soon as possible.

You will want to report your claim by contacting your local branch office for your insurance provider, or you can research how to file a claim online. On weekends and nights, keep in mind that you will likely be connected with a customer service hub office that will assist you. The sooner you report a loss, the faster the insurance company will be able to send their insurance adjuster to review the damage.

Secure your home from potential additional damage.

If there is a broken pipe, you will want to stop the water by shutting off the valve. After shutting off the water:

  • Secure all areas to prevent unauthorized entry into your home.
  • Place a sturdy plastic bucket under any locations with dripping water.
  • Hang sheet plastic across any damaged locations to stop water from damaging your possessions.

Document all visible property damage with both photos and video.

Use your smartphone or camera to document all damage to your home and its contents. Develop a list of anything that has been damaged in your home, including details whenever it is possible. The list should be organized room by room, and include the following:

  • Item brand name.
  • Item manufacturer.
  • Item serial number.
  • Price you paid for the item.

After the insurance claim is initially filed, the insurance company claims adjuster will attempt to efficiently process the claim and get you compensation the insurance provider feels is appropriate. Hiring Altieri Transco American Claims to handle your part of the claim can help ensure you are fully compensated for your losses and avoid potential headaches.

June 11, 2015

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