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The right time to hire a public adjuster

house on fireIf you are like most people we know, you probably have not learned by rote the specifics of your home insurance policy. These details are vital in case your home or property ever suffers damage in a hurricane, fire or another disaster.

Even if you did memorize your policy from back to front, you likely found it filled to the brim with language fit for a lawyer. The positive news is that in most cases of property or home damage it is in your power to hire a public adjuster from Altieri Transco American Claims to help you decipher your policy. A public adjuster can work for a business or a family, and it is our job to help you reach a fair settlement with your insurance company.

You probably do not need to hire Altieri American Transco American Claims if your home experiences a small mishap, like minor damage done to a pan and some curtains in a range-top fire. You will want to hire us if your house suffers considerable damage, like flooding in a Florida tropical storm. An adjuster from our team will arrange for a survey of the storm damage, estimate the cost of the damage and assist you in filing a complex insurance claim. We will keep track of all calls with your insurance provider and attend necessary meetings. It is also possible for our adjuster to help you make temporary living arrangements for you and your family in some situations.

Advantages found in using a public adjuster

A public adjuster from Altieri Transco American Claims will help you curtail the hassle associated with collecting documents and proof of damages, and we negotiate with your insurance company. Our adjuster will file all paperwork with your insurer, set a time for inspections of the damaged property and fight for you if your insurer refuses to settle your claim for its full monetary value.

The primary role of a public adjuster from Altieri Transco American Claims is to help you always communicate in an effective and efficient manner with insurers to expedite payment of claims.

The ideal time to employ a public adjuster from Altieri Transco American Claims is at the beginning of your claim!

June 24, 2015

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