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The role of a public adjuster in scope of loss

scope of lossThe scope of loss:

A scope of loss is a document or multiple documents and measurements that explain the amount and type of damage that has been done to your Tampa home.

A scope of loss is outside the skills of your general contractor:

The scope of loss represents the total damage expense including hard costs, supervision fees, overhead and profit, common and complex insurance policy claim payment precedent required to replicate your Tampa home. A scope of loss is not just an estimated repair cost, and general contractors are not trained to know the scope of loss process. The scope analysis is some of the most strategic, important work to complete after a fire loss and you will want to ensure you do not shortchange yourself. It may be in your best interest to hire a Florida public adjuster to act as another set of eyes. More than just your view of the damage, it is beneficial to use the eyes of experienced damage consultants merging their expert knowledge of insurance policy coverage to your advantage.

Most disaster survivors hope to keep costs to a minimum after a fire, and do not immediately understand how a public adjuster can help prepare an independent scope of loss. But the scope of loss is often the key to a fair insurance settlement and moving ahead. The complex policy language must be merged with the damage to produce the most thorough scope of loss payable by an insurance company. Contractors are not trained or educated in these policy complexities which often leave their repair estimates incomplete in comparison to what an insurance company would be willing to pay.

The information contained in an independent scope of loss contains a greater level of detail about the work to be completed and its associated cost than an estimate from a contractor.

Finding a public adjuster to prepare my scope of loss:

Interview reputable public adjusters, like the team from Altieri Transco American Claims. Talk to other fire loss survivors about who they chose to use, the associated fees and their satisfaction with the results.

Questions to ask a public adjuster before hiring them to prepare an independent scope of loss:

  • How many scope of loss documents have you prepared?
  • Have you ever defended a scope of loss? If so, what was the result?
  • Will you respond to questions from the insurance company regarding the scope of loss?

The bottom line:

An independent scope of loss completed by the public adjusters from Altieri Transco American Claims specifies material qualities and quantities, trades and code upgrades, and gives you the basis for a comparison and a fair settlement.

April 07, 2016

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