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Thank you so much for the fine work that you performed on our behalf at our Drew Street Laundry Facility. Our attempts at going forward with the claim became futile and very uncertain at best, prior to us retaining you. As a result of your representation, we saw immediate results, as you took control of the claim. You were able to identify and bring in the experts needed to inspect our presses, rollers, commercial washers and dryers, as well as the computerized systems for automatically formulating and dispensing chemicals into the processing equipment. You developed our claim to accurately reflect what the true losses were on the building, processing equipment, inventory, electrical equipment and our lost income and expense. You provided us with the confidence that the claim was in good hands so we did not have to be burdened by it anymore than we already were, allowing us to attend to our ongoing business. We were able to concentrate on integrating the production from the fire-damaged facility to our other facilities. The settlement was outstanding which resulted in us having the money to properly repair the building, properly replace equipment that we needed to replace and make repairs to other pieces. Because of your hard work, we basically got to recover as we saw fit, not as the insurance company would have had us do.

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