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Thank You for the service you and your company have provided us in regards to the insurance claim we had to file as a result of a fire we had at M&P Plating. As you know a fire is a devastating situation for a business, or for anyone. What do we do? How do we get this settled? When will we be back to normal? I do not have the time or experience to deal with an insurance company, and we had significant damage. Our concern was that we were going to have huge personal expenses as a result of this tragedy.
Immediately after the fire your company contacted us to represent us in the claim with the insurance company. Although hesitant at first, we needed someone to go to bat for us so we agreed to use ATAC. The very next day we received a check for $25,000.00 to cover the electrical damage that had to be addressed in order to continue operation of our Anodizing facility. Without that check, we could have lost our business. We had no way to pay for the damage that was preventing us from doing business, it was a blessing.
Subsequent to the first check, we received updates on the progress and status of our claim. Our expenses were going to be significantly higher than the original check, so we needed you to keep working on the claim. From your updates I saw the reluctance of our provider to settle this claim handing it from agent to agent holding us up on restoring our facility to its original condition. Our bills were adding up and we owed hoist manufacturers, electricians, plumbers, and that was for equipment. We needed to pressure wash the entire facility and repaint from the floor to the roof.
After months of phone calls emails and letters, you were near a settlement. We never would be able to deal with the insurance company the way you did. Our final settlement was fair, and to be honest, beyond what I thought would be covered. The final amount will provide us the resources to restore our business to pre fire condition without having the business or us personally to have significant out of pocket expenses.
I want to thank you and your firm for your representation of our business. I am totally pleased with the settlement and I will recommend you to friends or fellow businessmen. I carry your card in my wallet at all times.
I also want to thank you for the personal advise and information you provided me. When a tragedy falls in your lap, and you have the right people to help you through, things work out in the end. I know we would not or could not do this ourselves. Your service was a savior to our business.

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