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Altieri Transco American Claims Corporation is the solution for “Your Predicament.”

What you do now, and where you go from here, will mark the beginning of your recovery to a life you once knew and a life you will have back if correct decisions are made.

The professionals at Altieri Transco are specialized property loss adjusters providing the property owner with expert manpower and resources for building, personal property, and lost income evaluations. We supply the leadership to move through the devastation and claim complexities, advocating for you to the insurance company experts.

With Altieri Transco you:

  1. will be knowledgeable about your claim.
  2. will have transferred the burden of claim details and handling to our experts.
  3. will be up to date on all negotiations and communications with the insurance company.
  4. will be maximizing your financial recovery from the insurance company while you return to your normal daily routines of work and family.

Altieri Transco shines light into the darkness, providing its client with all the resources needed to rise from the depths, back to the heights of normal existence within days, many times within hours of our involvement on a property owner’s insurance claim.

Contact us today, resolve your predicament, by making Altieri Transco, Your Solution.

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